Interview with Eddy Pirard, the Belgian CEO of Japan Tobacco International

Eddy Pirard is the CEO of the world's third largest tobacco producer and the most powerful Belgian in the industry. By Marsel Paraev.


Is it a good time to invest in bonds?

A closer look on interest rates, the current bond valuations and the credit outlook by Laurence De Munter.

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Chinese Real Estate

The country’s growing urbanisation, the development of the financial sector and the appetite of domestic and international investors, among other factors, have led to a real estate boom in recent years.

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Inflation-linked bonds

A closer look on ILB's, securities to help investors protect from inflation.


What are the drivers behind gold prices today? A Goldilocks scenario

Gold prices are back at levels not seen since 2012. What are the drivers behind gold prices today? Are they here to stay or is it time to take profit?

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