Execution-only Mandates

You are a passionate investor that makes independent financial decisions.
SDM can act as your broker.

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Get access to the international markets

Thanks to our well-developed trading platform and execution desk, we can quickly execute all your local and international orders. And much more than that. We have our own specialized trading platform and execution desk that covers all international markets. All SDM traders are at your disposal for fast and qualitative execution handling of your orders through Multivenue and Direct Market Access.

On top, our formerly owned and tailor-made in-house IT-system offering periodic and transparent reporting.

Additional services we offer

Deposit accounts, treasury management, safekeeping Foreign exchange Precious metals, physical gold Options, derivatives and forward exchange contracts.

You are passionate about investing.
You make your own financial decisions independently.
You are looking for a reliable dealing room and broker network.

At Securities De Munter, we act as your broker to execute your transactions.

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