Rally Terms

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By attending and participating in this or any other event organized by SDM, I accept that my participation, with my own, borrowed or rented vehicle, is entirely at my own risk and expense.

I hereby declare, in my own name and on behalf of each of my family members and heirs, to unconditionally and definitively waive any claim and right of indemnification against SDM in compensation for any material damage (including partial to even total loss of the vehicle, any damage from car stickers) and/or immaterial damage and/or bodily injury (including death, infection COVID-19), resulting from my participation in this event, this agreement and its terms, regardless of whether this is and are the result of injudicious actions, carelessness, error and/or negligence by myself or by SDM.

This indemnification applies to SDM as well as to any of the parties listed below that may be involved, directly or indirectly, in the organization of this event:

  • SDM, its business managers, staff, subcontractors, consultants, representatives or hostesses;
  • the instructors;
  • any company or organization associated with this event;
  • any other rider/driver or passenger participating in this event;
  • every invitee present at the event.

I hereby also accept the following:

  1. at all times during this event, following the instructions and guidelines given by the organizers and instructors, as well as complying with local traffic regulations;
  2. I declare that I am in possession of a valid car driver’s license and that the car with which I participate in this event is properly insured;
  3. for technical tests on private property: any damage that I would cause to the infrastructures and any other costs resulting from this will be entirely at my expense. SDM cannot be held liable for this in any way.

I confirm that I do not suffer from any illness or take any medication that could negatively affect my ability to participate safely in this event.

SDM will not bear any responsibility for the possible loss, theft or damage of goods – vehicles and other goods – that I bring to this event.